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Smart City and Internet of Things

Sustainability, mobility, security, and economic growth – thanks to digital solutions, cities, municipalities, and utility companies can improve the quality of life of their citizens, support tourism, and strengthen the regional solidarity of people in the long term with an attractive living space, fulfilling their responsibility to their communities. Learn more

RPA und KI
RPA and AI

Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence are driving digitization further and taking it to a new level. With RPA and AI business processes are to be automated. While RPA is used for simple, repetitive activities, AI provides relief for more complex processes with decision-making scope. Learn more


From November 2020 at the latest, all suppliers will be obliged to issue electronic invoices to public-sector customers of the federal government, starting at the limit of €1,000. This is the opportunity to leverage long-term cost and resource advantages! This also applies to SMEs. Learn more

Digital Workplace
Digital Workplace

A digital workstation offers a central, digital, and integrating work platform for your employees. It represents the next step in the evolution of your intranet. This change process goes far beyond technology and has an impact on the entire corporate culture. Benefit from greater work flexibility and productivity increases and use this competitive advantage for your company! Learn more

Agile Project Management

You can choose from a variety of different ways to lead projects to success and, in turn, ensure your company’s success. The scope and requirements can change constantly, and in order to react to this, the working methods must remain “agile”. The focus is on people and their interactions and the possibility of always being able to react to changes. We will help you to learn your agile mindset and accompany you in your projects with certified project managers and Scrum Masters. Learn more

A wooden board with sticky notes spelling out the words scrum agile & lean. The post-it notes spell out the management technique used with scurm agile and lean start-up.
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Billing External

Our gisa.BEX solution allows you as a supplier to integrate data from external SAP sources into your billing process based on context, integrate procedural interfaces outside of billing, and thus optimize your complete billing. A modular design and tailored to your needs! Learn more

End of Support for Windows 7

Extended support for the highly-successful Windows 7 operating system is finally coming to an end on 14 January 2020 after many years. This means you will only continue to receive the necessary security updates and support if you migrate to an up-to-date operating system. Various licensing and deployment models are available that offer more than just security: Break new ground in collaboration! Learn more